What is Pilates?

Pilates is a movement method that promotes uniform muscle development through guided exercises. It creates balance, symmetry and strength at the joint level, leading to better alignment and increasing muscular flexibility without compromising stability.  This is the work of Joseph Pilates, originally named Contrology, based on the notion that “Pilates creates complete balance and control of the Mind, body and Spirit.”

Why Nexus Pilates?

The word Nexus means a series of connections linking two or more things! Why Nexus Pilates? Because Nexus Pilates links some of the most advanced neuromuscular techniques along with the already wonderful world of Pilates.  This unique combination truly permits Nexus Pilates to be a Private Studio designed to create Prescriptive Movement Sessions just for you! These sessions utilize a unique combination of muscle testing and Pilates exercises to create change not only in the way your body moves but the way your brain perceives movement.  This combination allows you to see results at a much faster rate, not only physically but your overall feeling of wellness.  You will have the accountability to help you establish and enhance long term habits that will positively change your life.


Results from consistent Pilates work:

 • Evenly condition body to improve movement efficiency

 • Refine athletic performance

 • Injury recovery

 • Injury prevention

 • Core strength and back stability

 • Long lean muscle and flexibility

 • Develop balance and coordination

 • Heighten body awareness

 • Relieve stress and back pain

 • Improve posture and alignment


"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions

you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a

whole new body".  -Joseph Pilates

About Sandra

Sandra is the founder of Nexus Pilates, she created a private studio setting to provide an exclusive environment for her students.  She teaches and works with a diverse population to develop and enhance the learning experience, which focuses on the needs and goals of the individual student.  Well trained and educated professional who possesses a diverse background in body mechanics and movement, with multiple years of teaching, and is focused on educating the individual so that they can continue their pilates practice outside of class.


Core competencies:

 • Teach and design prescriptive programs for the individual student.

 • Tests for muscle efficiency and receptor dysfunction.

 • Adapts and tailors to different styles and paces of learning for students.

 • Build rapport and personal relationships with students to better understand their needs.

 • Develop processes and methods to advance student learning in class sessions.

 • Provide recommendations and strategies for improving the learning process.

 • Converse with multiple practitioners to maximize the health and movement of the individual.


Personal information & teaching methodology:  “I enjoy hiking, playing with my dog and aerial acrobatics.  My teaching methodology is to focus on the individual by spending time with them to assess their goals and needs.  I then design a prescriptive program based on their goals and current needs.  I teach to different learning styles.  I want to educate my students so that they can take what they learn in class and incorporate it into their daily routine so that they can continue to enhance their health outside of class.”-Sandra D. Arellano

“When all your muscles are properly developed, you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure” -Joseph Pilates

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